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My Incredible Body

My Incredible Body

Amazing anatomy just for kids

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My Incredible Body lets kids investigate, experience, and learn human anatomy in a fun, dynamic new way. Explore visually stunning, medically accurate 3D anatomy models. Learn amazing facts about how the body works. Fly through the different body systems, pausing to take a look around. Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award.


How is my brain connected to my body?

Your brain is connected to the body in hundreds of different ways. Watch how you can zoom in and see your nerves, which carry the brain's messages. Select and rotate structures to see your cerebrum, cerebellum, and more!

What happens to food after I eat it?

From the moment you put food in your mouth, it embarks on a grand journey through your body. Hitch a ride with it and visit various places in your digestive system as it reaches its final destination: the toilet!

Why does my heart beat?

Lub-DUB. Lub-DUB. That's the sound your beating heart makes. Want to know why? Peel back the layers of the heart to see inside where valves and ventricles pump blood in and out, creating that very familiar sound.

What can I do with My Incredible Body?

Look inside your body and see what's going on! Zoom inside your muscles and organs. Take rocket rides through body systems. Learn cool facts about your body. By the time you're done, you'll be an anatomy rock star!